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Sri Maradi Rangaiah

'MARADI' is well known to all.

Our ancestors were originally from the princely city of Mysore. In the year 1830 our great grand father Sri Maradi Rangaiah moved to Bangalore in search of better opportunities in life. From his olden days of manufacturing and marketing Cotton Sarees, he graduated as a Silk Sarees and Fabrics manufacturer and wholesale trader in salubrious Bangalore city. With his honesty, high business ethics he established a bench mark for himself and got in numerous awards from the Royal Family of Mysore and British as well.

Sri Maradi Subbiah

Sri Maradi Subbiah s/o Sri Maradi Rangaiah, expanded his business to a very great extent and in the year 1880 he widened the business to silk cloth and Jewellery also. Various Jewellery products of Gold, Silver and Diamond Ornaments of high purity were manufactured and marketed. He named his product as 'Maradi'. This hallmark was accepted as a standard jewellery in the old state of Mysore. In further course of time he ventured in to the organized sector of silk manufacturing by taking over M/S Kaizer Hind Mills at Hebbal Village on the outskirts of Bangalore City. Here in this mill he started manufacturing silk Crepe-de-Chine, Pure silk, Chiffons and georgettes In the early 20th Century. For marketing and selling, he appointed number of Agents all over the state. And even today one such dealer "Kaizer Hind Depots" exists in the commercial hub of Chamarajpet in Bangalore.

Sri Maradi Subbiah expanded his father's business of manufacturing and marketing the whole sale trading of silk sarees and fabrics to paramount heights.

Besides this business activity Sri Maradi Subbiah, a great philanthropic person, was involved in many social activities. He was involved in establishing many social institutions like Devanga Sangha, Devanga Kalyana Mantap, Free hostel for students coming from remote places to Bangalore for pursuing their studies etc. This hostel was started in 'M.S.Building' which stands even today by its name with a newly built huge commercial complex.

He was also founder member of Devanga Bank which was merged into Vijaya Bank during nationalization.

To commemorate the silver jubilee year of Sri Jayachamarajendra wodeyar's rule over the state of Mysore, he donated land owned by him in the heart of the city of Bangalore, to be used as a park for the public. This park exists even today and is known as Silver Jubilee Park, in the city market area.

He also established a farm house on a 210 acre plot near Rajan Kunte near Yelahanka and Named it as 'Maradi Pura'.

He had great vision and foresight. He had electricity line drawn to his farm house during those days. He also used tractors to till the lands at the Farm.

He wanted Education to be everybody's right and also wanted primary Health care is available and affordable to one and all, irrespective of caste and creed. He passed away at the age of 58. His three sons continued in the systematic path laid down by their father and grew to serve.

Sri Maradi Sesharangaiah

Sri Maradi Subbiah's youngest son Sri Maradi Sesharangaiah completely took over the Silk Manufacturing and Trading Empire in 1938 and further established good will in the field under the name tag "Mahalakshmi Hall". He established M/S Maradi Silk Kendra in 1974 to cater the needs of middle class sector of the society. The Parent concern M/S Mahalakshmi Hall established by Sri Maradi Subbiah in 1911 became the first Authorized dealer of Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC) manufacturers of Mysore Crepe-De-Chine. Sri Maradi Sesharangaiah and his third son Mr. Maradi Srinvas started a manufacturing unit of Heavy Crape and other silk fabrics by their own name Tag 'Mardi Silkee'. At Present M/S Mahalakshmi Hall caters to High end customers all over the country and Abroad.

He passed away in 2006.

Sri Maradi M S Dhananjaya

Sri Maradi M S Dhananjaya is the Present Managing Partner of the Firm "Maradi's Sesha Silks."

Mr Maradi M S Dhananjaya is the Eldest son of Sri Maradi Sesharangaiah and Grandson of the Icon Sri Maradi Subbiah.

He completed his Graduation in Textile Technology. On completion of his Graduation he continued his studies and became a Law Graduate also.

He took active part in the family business of silk under the guidance of his father Sri Maradi Sesharangaiah.

In the year 1985 they started another firm called M/S Maradi's Sesha Silks. Besides their own manufactured silk products they started marketing the products, manufactured by various Silk centers in India, all over the State at Wholesale prices.

The rich experience and the specialties are of Hand Woven and Power-loom woven Pure Mulberry Silk Sarees crafted by Master Artisans and manufactured by Sesha Silks. Quality is not compromised.

In our products One will find Exclusive Creations and Exquisite ranges, exotic colours & combinations of craftsmanship. Other categories like quality Chiffons, Georgettes, Satins, Crepe - De - Chine sarees and dress materials, find Exclusive creations and Exquisite ranges & combinations of craftsmanship. are also manufactured and marketed. The manufacturing of Dhotis and Angavastrams, 9 yards Silk sarees is also Sesha Silk's speciality.

Under the precious guidance of his father, Sri M S Dhananjaya Established M/S Sesha Mulberries Pvt. Ltd. And M/S Girish Garments.

With his skill and professional experience Mr M S Dhananjaya is quite competent in studying the needs and new trends and demands in this silk business and leading the firm in required direction keeping the traditional hand Woven categories unaffected.

What exactly is silk?

Silk is the fine thread with which a silkworm spins its cocoon. The silkworm pupates in its cocoon and emerges 20 days later as a moth. The thread which is produced by the spinning glands of the silkworm is the finest and strongest natural fiber in the world. Silk is a protein fiber, meaning that it is chemically quite similar to human hair. Silk is ideally called the "second skin".

Why is silk so special?

  • Silk Shines - Because of silk's unique sheen, colours radiate and assume a luminant character. This gleaming, however, is not the only quality of silk.
  • Silk Caresses - Thanks to its extremely fine and smooth fibre structure, silk flows in a supple and soft way.
  • Silk Insulates - Silk cools and warms simultaneously. Silk garments are perfect for Summer and Winter. Silk worn as a second layer underneath warms without being bulky. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. Silk will absorb perspiration while letting your skin breathe. Silk contributes to your well-being.
  • Silk Wears - In spite of its delicate appearance, silk is relatively robust. Its smooth surface resists soil and odours well. Silk is wrinkle and tear resistant, and dries quickly.
  • Silk is Safe - Because of its protein structure, silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. That means it's less likely to cause allergic reactions to the wearer. Silk is also fire retardant. It keeps fire from spreading to its neighborhood, even if it catches fire.
  • Silk Flatters - Silk has been celebrated throughout history: Princesses are clad in silken robes and noblemen in silken capes. 2000 years ago, Chinese poets wrote of the harmonizing virtues of silk clothing. Silk remains a magical fabric with often subtle benefits.
  • Silk is naturally wrinkle-resistant, glossy, hypoallergenic, and easy to care for. Other fabrics can only claim these qualities after being treated with additives.
Sri Maradi Subbiah
Sri Maradi Sesharangaiah